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Why J&J

In this world of excessive billings, limited knowledge base and poor client service we believe that clients deserve better and we operate under the idea of providing the knowledge and experience of the large firms at the price of the small firms.  Here a few reasons to choose Joseph & Joseph, LLC:


Mark operated a small tax preparation and bookkeeping business working with clients confronted with the same business issues he was, allowing him to analyze their tax and bookkeeping problems and give appropriate solutions. Mark worked in the internal audit department of a major corporation where the goal was to analyze operations, identify weaknesses and inefficiencies then produce solutions to make those operations more cost effective and efficient. Mark worked as a tax manager in a top 30 CPA firm and as a senior tax manager in a top 10 CPA firm where he was constantly challenged to maximize the benefits and navigate the complexities of current tax law. Mark has worked with individuals and business entities of all types with issues involving multi state operations, real estate purchases and sales, merger and acquisitions just to name a few. This experience has enabled has him to identify issues effecting individuals and small businesses in different fields and economic times.

Linda has been engaged in all areas of the accounting cycle including payroll, accounts payable, accounts receivable, auditing and GL giving her a strong understanding of the financial information required to operate a successful business.  Linda worked for a top 30 CPA firm as staff auditor conducting audits for small to midsize companies.  In addition Linda worked for an S&P 500 company providing compliance reviews, audits and GL functions.

Education: Mark has his Bachelor of Business Administration with an emphasis in Accounting from Boise State University and has his Masters of Science in Taxation from California State University, Hayward.  Linda has her Bachelor of Science in Accounting from California State University, Hayward.  We believe knowledge is power and make it mandatory to far exceed the requirements set forth by the AICPA in continuing education. We participate in continuing education that we believe is beneficial to our clients such as new tax legislation, Affordable Care Act; Regulations regarding Repairs and Maintenance for Owners and Lessees; Real Estate issues; and Retirement planning.

Technology:  We are committed to utilizing high quality, dependable technology to maximize the efficiency and resources available in researching tax preparation and accounting issues; processing tax returns; and to maximize the safeguarding of client’s data through a secure portal.

Advisors: We understand the benefits of having knowledgeable people on our teams, including attorneys, bankers, financial consultants, and others.  We have developed relationships with quality professionals so that when necessary you will have access to the best advice possible.

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