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Our mission is to supply high quality tax preparation, accounting and consulting services with an emphasis on providing our clients with the best product possible at a reasonable price in a personal and friendly environment.

History of Joseph & Joseph, LLC

Joseph & Joseph, LLC first began in the early 1980’s when Mark purchased a small tax preparation, bookkeeping and consulting practice.  Mark hired his mother, Iris Joseph, as a consultant giving rise to the name Joseph & Joseph.

In 1993 Mark sold the practice to further his education and pursue becoming a Certified Public Accountant (CPA).  Mark went on to be certified as a practicing CPA in California, Colorado and Idaho and currently holds valid licenses in each of these states, he worked as a Senior Tax Manager in one of the largest firms in the Country, and has been involved with complex tax preparation and accounting issues for individuals and organizations with a variety of entity structures.

In June of 2010 the firm of Joseph & Joseph was resurrected, giving clients the knowledge and experience of the large firms at an affordable cost, offering tax preparation, accounting, bookkeeping and consulting services to individuals and businesses.  In 2015 Mark’s wife, Linda, joined the firm making this a truly family business.

Mark’s mother is no longer with us but will always be a part of the firm in spirit.


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